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Advice on oral hygiene:
° Professional cleaning of teeth and gums; ° Using a cleaning brush;
° Correct brushing of teeth; ° Ensuring hygiene of fixed and mobile prostheses;
° Using dental floss; ° Ensuring the correct hygiene of implants.



A dental implant is the replacement of an irretrievable tooth, using normal preservation techniques. A new dento-radicular structure made of titanium, a totally bio-compatible material, is placed under the gum. A new tooth, in most cases made of porcelain, is then fixed onto this new, implanted root. In many cases it is possible to insert the implant and the new tooth in the same settion.

ORTHODONTICS for children and adults

Corrects dental and facial malformations, improves profile and tooth alignment. It is advisable for all children to have a check-up with a specialist in orthodontics around the age of seven years. This makes it possible to correct any anomalies in good time.
Teeth are extracted very rarely. Even teeth that are in a poor condition, which are badly decayed or fractured, can be saved using techniques which include endodontics, the use of materials such as composite resin, for the direct reconstruction, or of veneers or crowns for the indirect construction.
The prevention of decay and gum disease.


° Prophylaxis of gum disease;
° Treatment of gingivitis and  paradontal diseases;
° Treatment of occlusal equilibrium of teeth and temporo-mandibolar articulation;
° Surgical and non-surgical  treatment of gingival pathologys.



  • Prosthetic treatment (crowns, bridges) in noble  materials and dental ceramics;
  • Mobile prosthesis;
  • Traditional skeletal prostheses or using special systems;
  • Porcelain or composite veneers;
  • Work on implants;
  • Treatment of occlusal harmony;
  • Inlay of noble materials or porcelain.


- Tooth whitening;
- Porcelain or composite resin veneers (Faccette);
- Prosthetic restoration in dental porcelain of decayed or fractured front teeth;
- Cleaning – the ablation of tartar.

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